I’m fed up of it.

It’s touted as being easy and fast, it took over an hour to deploy locally!

Its documentation is nowhere near complete or readable.

All I want to do is to call a unit defined in Guild Wars 2 API by either a simple shortcode, markup, syntax or.. well. ANYTHING. I want to say <gw2item Zoija’s greatsword /> and have it displayed.

BUT I CAN’T. Well, I’m sure there’s a way. But thanks to someone else’s Syntax not being similar to what I count it as, or variables, or Markdown (apparently the most simple thing ever..) It’s too complicated.

Preferably shortcode based so I can pull it directly into WordPress posts, but you can’t define a relateable variable in them. For example [gw2 item id=”2222″] will come out rendered as item: 2222, no lookup of what it is.. or I can output gw2armory’s div code around it.. but I’d still have to know the ID.

More when I get frustrated enough or make a breakthrough.

Transferring that to WordPress shortcode, however, I can see a way of doing it, but as long as ID’s don’t change, and we list all variations of each thing. it’ll be valid.