Learning React, JSON and more rubbish.

I’m fed up of it.

It’s touted as being easy and fast, it took over an hour to deploy locally!

Its documentation is nowhere near complete or readable.

All I want to do is to call a unit defined in Guild Wars 2 API by either a simple shortcode, markup, syntax or.. well. ANYTHING. I want to say <gw2item Zoija’s greatsword /> and have it displayed.

BUT I CAN’T. Well, I’m sure there’s a way. But thanks to someone else’s Syntax not being similar to what I count it as, or variables, or Markdown (apparently the most simple thing ever..) It’s too complicated.

Preferably shortcode based so I can pull it directly into WordPress posts, but you can’t define a relateable variable in them. For example [gw2 item id=”2222″] will come out rendered as item: 2222, no lookup of what it is.. or I can output gw2armory’s div code around it.. but I’d still have to know the ID.

More when I get frustrated enough or make a breakthrough.

Transferring that to WordPress shortcode, however, I can see a way of doing it, but as long as ID’s don’t change, and we list all variations of each thing. it’ll be valid.