KrTools update

KrTools update 2020 Update

I’ve managed to locate the last of the images, then I discovered how to pull them from Galaxy Online 2’s files in the web cache, Ironically. These will be swapped in the next few days and the GitHub will be updated.

Barring JavaScript changes to improve efficiency or (if it ever happens) new additions, This will likely be the last work I do to the Rescued/Renovated KrTools app.
There are a few overflow errors, but that seems to be only appearing on my development setup only at the moment, and I have a feeling that it’s more client-side.
I might look at making the map ship icons or ships in the pop out panel bigger, now that I have the files for it. I remember switching both to small to save time and bandwidth.

What this means;

  • All images in Designer, maps and Commander pages are originals from the game and should look better sized and quality.
  • All the work I done collecting and cutting out Ship and item images was for nothing.
  • Aries 4 now now lists Gen IV weapon chest as potential reward.

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