Krtools up and ready.. ish

After a few weeks of studying leftover code from and importing/editing images, KRTOOLS is back up.

Its current URL is now

The list system for designs and commanders isn’t working, but I have an idea how to make it work with localstorage might require a rebuild of the saving system.

Currently, the save system saves a lot of gibberish on the client’s computer, basically what the saved URL has already.
For example:


This complicates localstorage as by design the browser will only let it have 5mb of space to deal with, and it’s not just saving designs. It’s saving where the module/hull positions the page was closed on.

A better solution I can think of is to have:

 "savedDesigns":[{"id":0, "url" = /d?=338:44:5:162:4:184:3:206:1:207:1,"name":"test"}] 

This would allow people to save lots more builds and not get anywhere near the 5mb limit. Additional exports can be added as well… that’s unless the URL builder built into the app uses localstorage to build the URL.
But this is too difficult to deploy at the moment, so I’m just going to give people the button to ‘Link/Share’ builds so they can list them in their own guides/files.