krtools – a Galaxy Online instance viewer and fleet planner

A few weeks ago, the site hosting Krtools ( went down. A vital tool for people who play Galaxy Online 2, run instances and Humaroids as well as sharing ship builds was lost.

Luckily, most of it exists in the ‘Wayback Machine‘ and I’ve managed to make a working version from it.

Krtools project To Do:

  • Work out how ‘localstorage’ is set so list.html can be fixed up for saving builds and commander info.
  • get all the images back in, components, ships, commander portraits.
  • CSS fixes
  • lots of testing
  • upload to subdomain ready for use.
  • reroute instance hulls to /small-hulls/ and adjust size to save disk space and resources.

Estimating in around a week it’ll be up, and I’ll be looking to improve it once I have the last stages of tech/ships to add. Otherwise snipping event hulls and sending them in would be appreciated.

Missing files in krtools

  • Behemoth hull image

2 responses to “krtools – a Galaxy Online instance viewer and fleet planner”

  1. Hi friend, i stopped playing go2 years ago, and was going to download the site for nostalgia reasons, having spent so much time in the game. thank you for the thought to bring this back. When you make some progress send me an email, I’d love to use this tool again.
    Not sure if I’ve already said this tbh, but thanks.

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