Desolation site preview

Desolation Guild Wars 2 Community site – preview

This is a preview of functionality, theme wise I’m looking at in game Desolation style. Dark, wastelands, white text with concept art from Guild Wars 1 and 2 as backgrounds.

The general idea is to provide players with an insight in the community of Desolation and attempt to get their World vs World players using build what keeps them alive and co-operative in group play. I’m also hoping an Events system works to keep guilds and player groups organised.

The build pages look like this below, tabbed content with each section called from a Custom Field for each part. I shall be making up meta boxes to make inputting it all easier.

The displays should help new players work out what they need and budget for it.

The tabs on development server are hard coded, I’ve just used Elementor’s tabbing to quickly make a mock up without adding extra code to my own site.

Lets start with the currently done.


Pure power Herald for backline buffs and ranged damage.


This needs centering, work out how with gw2armory script, maybe use padding?


Utility, Heal and Elite only for time being. Far too many weapon skill variations on classes to counter for.






Hopefully the meta box for this one will contain a drop down for popular meta foods.


WvW Score tracking

Another feature is the score tracker with KDR display. Completely API driven and updates every 5 minutes.

Now onto the ‘Pipeline’ parts

Under construction, brief descriptions.

  • Choosey skills/traits/items in meta boxes when creating a build.
  • Also make those meta boxes for the custom fields.
  • Build post templating. (Done)
  • Events system
  • Work out how multi sites works so each guild can have an recruitment page? (way off), even if it has to be sub domains, maybe output from discord channel?
  • Maybe an API verification system for Discord/TeamSpeak?