Constellation ship builds

Over the many years of Galaxy Online 2, I’ve had many ship builds in testing. Tiny tweaks each run, days of waiting for shipyards to drop them out for instant deaths the next day.

Hopefully some of these ship builds will help.


Scylla Max Attack Centres (KrTools link)
Victory Valentine Max Attack surrounds (KrTools link)
These are aimed at Libra onwards, also works in Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius and others. Cancer constellations aren’t too great (randomly 2,3 and 4 fail).

Max Durability Scylla (KrTools link)
max durability LW2S surrounds (KrTools Link)

Closest/Min Attack tank surrounds (KrTools link)
You might be able to use Asterions here, I did build some to test but they didn’t survive. IF you don’t have Twilight Armor, you can use matching Tyson shields to negate the damage type for the instance you are trying.
Closest/Min Attack tank centre(KrTools Link)

Glass ships

Missile Eurus (KrTools link)
shooter centre (KrTools link)
These are end game examples, Event Horizons have lower fuel/space costs compared to Patriot launchers, and the Event Only tech is unavailable due to lack of events (working events).
On lower constellations (Aquarius, Capricorn) it is possible to use Missile Independents (Restricted Instance 8 and 10 builds) with Trials 10 weapons.