Constellation Information for Galaxy Online 2

Constellation Information for Galaxy Online 2

Collecting Constellation Information which should complement the guides we’ve written and provide some pointers for people designing their own builds and testing.

The Movement trick

Are your shooters going in front of your Closest Tanks? or can’t get a tank to stay in the right place?
The answer is to reduce its movement with minimum move ship, a weikes with either no guns and small engines. you can also add a ballistics weapon if your tank fleet is pure armor so the fleet goes right up to enemies to stop them moving.

Another tactic for shooters to have them for the first round, the weapon on the weikes self destructs during firing to reflects, this will allow shooter fleets to move freely after the tanks have got into position on round 1. It’s clever but difficult to get right.

Enemy Commanders

In Constellations, the enemy commanders are set to low speeds so your ships can move first if higher than 100.
This is opposite of other instance types as normal/trials/Restricted instances scale upwards to 360.

You’ll also want your Commanders to have at least 600 Accuracy to be able to hit anything. Stability and steering modules on shooters help here too.

Attribute stacking

I throw a lot of fleet types in, especially for tanking. Max attack (or MaxAtt) is basically the highest damage you can put out while tanking certain damage types, you are unlikely to have a tank which can tank all kinds of weapon with all kinds of damage type.

Basically, put your best/highest Ship-based weapon on your best Agility/stability hull. 7 weapons and rest armor/shields against likely damage (usually heat/magnetic/explosives) and engines to get move up to like 8 or 9.
In the middle, you can have a flag with just weapons and an engine to top it up.

Add in gems and chips on your commander. you should aim for around Orange 7 chips for Max Ship Based, and 5-8 on Orange Negator chip on each tank. Stability, shield and hull repair chips can be around 5-6 if oranges.

You might want a debuff commander on your tank here, which would mean The Heartless Ones or Bain. Ideally as high as you can make them (My Bain is 6 stars and can pretty much MaxAtt tank everything in constellations so you might not need to go too high).
I’ve heard Forsaken Ones can work as a tank on some instances too, but not tried it. Basically, any Commander who can reduce the enemy’s abilities/stacks will work.

For Max Durability (MaxDur), you’ll want to do the same as MaxAtt, except instead of weapons have the +hull modules and armor. You can put 1 gun on flag or have a weikes on the back.

For Closet tanks, this is the tricky one.
The idea is for this heavy armor tank to charge ahead of everyone and park in front of its targets and pull enemies away from shooters.
Again, should be fully armored and shields, but a few more engines (at least 9 moves).

Last few tips

Constellations are annoying. If you are going to do them for some weapon/ship blueprint for own use or merging into Tesla hull. Good luck. The drop rates on Blueprints are horrid.

You will suffer massive defeats, loose fuel and passes until you get each build, position and commander config right. But you will not lose ships in Constellation Instances. It’ll take huge effort and patience, and tech only helps with the amount of damage you can output. But you should get there.

Keep an eye out for Individual instance guides coming in the next few days, I have lots of notes to type up from them.