Community April Fools 2021

This was made for Desolation’s April Fools 2021. Mostly a template with stock imagery, along with crafted wording to really sell it.

The nice thing about our previous framework is that we could inject it as the Home page with a flick of a switch, something currently Gutenberg editor doesn’t have, but possible under WordPress’s static frontpage setting under General settings. Oh yea, all these are the standard Gutenberg blocks in 5.8 with some minor CSS changes.

Welcome To

Desolation Dance Studio

Home Garrison, Lords room

The Studio

When it’s not being ransacked by enemy zergs, our Garrison holds our dance classes.

It is fully kitted out with all accessible facilities, including Arrow carts for dodge training, mortars that barely hit anything except the walls next to them, and cannons that projectiles move slower than the targets.

Our Classes

In our classes, you will learn the most important technique in every style of dancing: 


Private Lessons

In-Studio and Virtual Private Lessons are the best way to improve your dancing skills in the shortest period of time. Work at your own pace and receive personalized attention from our dedicated instructors.


Desolation Dance Studio brings the world’s most relevant talents and choreographers to mentor our students every year.

Shout Out

“ I played a Minstrel Deadeye, after lessons I’m now a proper meta Support Spellbreaker”
Bronze Desolation Defender
Bronze Desolation Defender

Studio Rental

The Studios are available, but rental sessions may not be available after repairing from previous bookings.
Especially the state Baruch Bay players leave our Garrison in.

Studio A

Studio Size: 42ft x 21ft

Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System,  Mystic Forge, Guards

Studio B

Studio Size: 68ft x 37ft

Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi, Sound System, Dressing Room, Kitchen, Toilets, Supply Depot, Tactivators

Free Trial Classes

Not sure if we are a good match for you or which style you want to learn? Free trial classes are available, one free class for each style. For more information, get in touch.