Dumping Elementor

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

I’ll be dumping Elementor very soon, it’s been a pain in the arse for a while. It’s time to look at alternatives. While it was great to quickly design something useable and have it instantly displayed on the site. I think I can do its features via custom JavaScript and CSS. Next question is, do…… Continue reading Dumping Elementor

Publii theme tricks and tips – part 1

Make a Child Override theme for changes! Yes, so Publii/Handlebars.js is a bit different to how WordPress works, still editing the base publii themes to suit your needs is a must. When Publii updates it installs the starter theme freshly each time.Create a folder in your site input folder called ‘theme name-override’ and put your…… Continue reading Publii theme tricks and tips – part 1

WooCommerce Product tabs

Previously, I had a site selling computer parts through WooCommerce and had specification data needing to be uploaded with product details without overwriting the manufacturers own product description. The answer was Custom Fields and calling that data into its own tab. Allow custom fields to be viewed in a custom product tab in WooCommerce Woocommerce as…… Continue reading WooCommerce Product tabs