Dumping Elementor

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While it was great to quickly design something useable and have it instantly displayed on the site. I think I can do its features via custom JavaScript and CSS. Next question is, do I want to continue with WordPress and have to deal with the weekly attempted break-ins? With Gutenberg advancing more into theme building […]

Publii limitations (as of 0.38.1)

Very Basic editor We’re going to use Publii to migrate to Static Sites from WordPress, the functionality and feel of the post editors are very lacking. Only the basic stuff is in, thankfully I can put posts in as HTML to get around most of the issues.Really to make me happy to use it, it […]

Desolation version 7 – A Static Site?

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I’m looking at switching our Community site to static generated site via JavaScript tools. The advantages of making it a static site: Fast, even on dodgy local development. Less overheads of scripts/plugins More freedom of creativity and ideas. Less updating of plugins. Less dealing with security issues. The disadvantages of turning it into a static […]

Regular posting?

Doesn’t seem to be happening. Lately, I’ve been too busy sorting out Desolation Community (our Guild wars 2 EU World vs World community), my clients and their sites. Majority of my time is trying to get a working replacement to GW2Armory ready to slot in if things go wrong, and an auto tooltip tool for […]

aaaaarghh and other reactions to ideas what fail

For months now I’ve had a long list of projects I’ve wanted finishing and done with. Majority of them already have ‘future proofing’ written in. Some of the ideas have been done before, but my brain is not co-operating with working out how they’ve done it previously. Now, it’s making me tired and forgetful about […]

Learning React, JSON and more rubbish.

I’m fed up of it. It’s touted as being easy and fast, it took over an hour to deploy locally! Its documentation is nowhere near complete or readable. All I want to do is to call a unit defined in Guild Wars 2 API by either a simple shortcode, markup, syntax or.. well. ANYTHING. I want […]

Hot weather

No no no. I suspect I can’t deal with anything over 25C unless there’s a constant airflow.. which by surprise it isn’t windy, which is odd as it’s always againsterly wind when I’m travelling. As a British Citizen, I need the overcast clouds. The 5/6 weeks of the pure sun is killing me. Where is […]

Content block busting

Content block busting needs to happen. For weeks now, Contents been dry, I’ve been struggling to put into words what is in my mind. I want to write about ill I feel, but think people will try to guess whats wrong with me. I want to write about how stupid life is at the moment, especially […]

plans and projects for 2018, new year stuff

The first month of 2018 over and I’m thinking about my plans and projects for the year. Work-based projects Decide what to do with Littleport IT, kill it? integrate it? keep going? Set up selling parts on eBay or Amazon again, both are terrible in their own way. Complete a new version of Computer Builder module I […]

Annoying delays

The Guild Wars 2 Community site is progressing too slowly. Nothing seems simple when you have at least 3 ideas you want to combine into one. Coding a skills chooser for the community site is basically a pain. Either there are too many options to consider (consumables is at least 700 options alone), or just […]