Desolation version 7 – A Static Site?

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I’m looking at switching our Community site to static generated site via JavaScript tools. Fast, even on dodgy local development. Less overheads of scripts/plugins More freedom of creativity and ideas. Less updating of plugins. Less dealing with security issues. Not dynamic at all. No special pages such as Contact forms, Forums or Comments. No Conditional […]

spec project: Restaurant site

A Quick mock up of a restaurant style site. This one was made up for April Fools for our Guild Wars 2 Community. Our Sweets Handcrafted ascended delights that instantly brighten up your WvW raid. Whether its peppercorn, Mint or Magic Find, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth watering feasts. Tasty Breakfast […]

Desolation site preview

Desolation Guild Wars 2 Community site – preview This is a preview of functionality, theme wise I’m looking at in game Desolation style. Dark, wastelands, white text with concept art from Guild Wars 1 and 2 as backgrounds. The general idea is to provide players with an insight in the community of Desolation and attempt […]

Guild wars 2 Community site

I’ve been working on a community site to integrate skill and builds from the API. Using the embed system from gw2armory, it’s easy to display all the stuff you want. The hardest part is searching for all 10,000+ ids for traits, skills, weapons. For example: While I’ve noted down all Trait ID’s for specialization views, […]

WooCommerce Product tabs

Previously, I had a site selling computer parts through WooCommerce and had specification data needing to be uploaded with product details without overwriting the manufacturers own product description. The answer was Custom Fields and calling that data into its own tab. Allow custom fieldsĀ to be viewed in a custom product tab in WooCommerce Woocommerce as […]