Constellation ship builds

Over the many years of Galaxy Online 2, I’ve had many ship builds in testing. Tiny tweaks each run, days of waiting for shipyards to drop them out for instant deaths the next day. Hopefully some of these ship builds will help. Tanks Scylla Max Attack Centres (KrTools link)Victory Valentine Max Attack surrounds (KrTools link)These…… Continue reading Constellation ship builds

Constellation Information for Galaxy Online 2

Collecting Constellation Information which should complement the guides we’ve written and provide some pointers for people designing their own builds and testing. The Movement trick Are your shooters going in front of your Closest Tanks? or can’t get a tank to stay in the right place?The answer is to reduce its movement with minimum move…… Continue reading Constellation Information for Galaxy Online 2

KrTools update 2020 Update I’ve managed to locate the last of the images, then I discovered how to pull them from Galaxy Online 2’s files in the web cache, Ironically. These will be swapped in the next few days and the GitHub will be updated. Barring JavaScript changes to improve efficiency or (if it ever happens)…… Continue reading KrTools update

Krtools up and ready.. ish

After a few weeks of studying leftover code from and importing/editing images, KRTOOLS is back up. Its current URL is now The list system for designs and commanders isn’t working, but I have an idea how to make it work with localstorage might require a rebuild of the saving system. Currently, the save…… Continue reading Krtools up and ready.. ish

krtools – a Galaxy Online instance viewer and fleet planner

A few weeks ago, the site hosting Krtools ( went down. A vital tool for people who play Galaxy Online 2, run instances and Humaroids as well as sharing ship builds was lost. Luckily, most of it exists in the ‘Wayback Machine’ and I’ve managed to make a working version from it. Krtools project To…… Continue reading krtools – a Galaxy Online instance viewer and fleet planner