The Guild Wars 2 Community site is progressing too slowly.

Nothing seems simple when you have at least 3 ideas you want to combine into one.

Coding a skills chooser for the community site is basically a pain.

Either there are too many options to consider (consumables is at least 700 options alone), or just plain refuses to be translatable (stats, skin, which professions can use what weapon with separate skills).

Complete lists of skills/traits can’t be called easily, even with the ID numbers and all arrayed into sensible formats, even arranged them into a nice reference file for the code to look at, it’s not interested and returns¬†null.

The build template needs a rework to hide fields which will be empty due to mechanics, for example, Revenants have set skills per legend, so no point in adding skills for them.

Next idea

My next thought for making it easier to supply item/skill IDs is to make a meta box to list them, instead of making them selectable. This might be preferable since our server doesn’t seem to theory craft builds at all.

In that way, I should concentrate on getting the site readable and input the builds by hand and deploy a chooser when more people come on board (a pure HTML5 method would be better, but with multiple users adding them, a WordPress environment will be easier)