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Guess what page I forgot! Yup, the about page!

Coffee and chocolate addicted introvert PC gamer, with a Computer Hardware background moving into Web Development.

I’m hoping that this site allows me to show off what I can do with a tiny bit of income to cover the hosting.

What’s this all about?

As I’m coding more rather than hardware repairs (and local jobs seem to have quietened down), I decided to rebrand and refocus.  Concentrate on existing support clients and freelance tasks online and remotely.
The local repairs and web design market is saturated, and I’m more leaning towards development, not making things look pretty.

What I do

Rather than a nervous breakdown or get depressed about whether the current email recipient will understand what I’m on about, I prefer to work on odd little projects involving WordPress, Linux environments, Game data/API integration, as well as supporting old clients from previous adventures and the local community.

I learn stuff quickly, gain useless knowledge about stupid things. Have stupid ideas, most of which I drop at that point.