aaaaarghh and other reactions to ideas what fail

For months now I’ve had a long list of projects I’ve wanted finishing and done with. Majority of them already have ‘future proofing’ written in. Some of the ideas have been done before, but my brain is not co-operating with working out how they’ve done it previously.

Now, it’s making me tired and forgetful about what I’ve tried to get working. I’ll write up some code in the evening and by the time I look at it again in the morning. Nothing, my brain can’t recognise it or have an idea of what it should do.

So Current projects i’m struggling with;

  • Build a interface to allow Guild Wars 2 items, skills and traits to be chosen in Post_content either by looping selects in or by shortcode.
  • Template up a Specialization selector
  • Work out how the API can be cached to server and updated periodically (skills and balance updates), preferably by mirroring the json and image files to server.
  • build tool-tips what work properly with data and nested facts from json, multiples of different named types and percentages.