A bit of a life rant about employment.

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Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

Getting a job.

Oh. like that’s going to be achievable because it was a barrel of laughs before this COVID crap.

I’ve looked at Farm employment, which I’m not suitable for. And had the interviewer there rant about not being able to find workers who want to stand on their feet for 12 hours a day for £9 per hour. I spoke about the feasibility of having 2 workers do 6 hours instead and got a much weirder rant out of them about how everyone is workshy these days.

Applying for low waged jobs with all my skills listed makes them ask “Why would you want to work here? Your skills will be wasted here”, and applying to matching jobs see’s responses of “you don’t have enough experience”.

The perfect employment

A job appeared once which was perfect, it listed all the stuff I was learning. They were also looking at trainee’s, the pay was great £22k, included travel bonuses, 10 till 4 working hours, dealing with clients and engineers onsite and remotely.

The kicker? It was in Switzerland. I should have rushed a passport and took it. because life would have been so much easier over there.

Closer to home, always dreamed of seeing the Aurora Borealis. So when BAS (British Antarctic Survey) jobs appear I always scan through them looking for matching skills. Seems travelling to Greenland, Nordic Countries or Antarctica itself would be the perfect place to see it.

Unfortunately, I don’t travel well and Cambridge drives me insane from the anxiety of going near it.

Rogue Agencies

We got your details from a site you never registered your details on.

Random recruitment agency of the week

Would be nice if these insidious data protection law ignoring buggers don’t exist. They also built a CV database thing (was called iProfile), which was horrendous to get removed from.

LinkedIn Sucks

Really it does, it doesn’t tell you anything. When I tried it, they wanted all your contacts details to spam them on your behalf. No one wants that, really.

If I have to start shouting ‘How the hell can I delete my account?!’ while clicking everything on the account page, then something has gone very wrong.